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    A Powerful Management Platform for Today’s Independent Dental Speciality Practice

    As a majority of dental professionals across the country choose to go it on their own, Five Point Dental Specialists will be there not just to lend a hand with essential support services but guide the way in today’s often uncertain healthcare landscape. Whether your specialty is pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, or oral surgery, we are extending an exclusive invitation to be a partner in what is fast becoming the most sought-after sustainable partnership platforms around. No matter the size of your practice or where you are, Five Point Dental Specialists in Fort Worth, Texas, wants to partner with you. We know the full-throttle pace of today’s dental specialty practice makes it impossible to keep up. We also know how frustrating that can be when you have objectives you want to accomplish for your business and professional development. That’s when your partnership with Five Point Dental Specialists gives you a significant head start. From accounting to marketing to scheduling, we have you covered from A to Z with our reliable years and years of experience and expertise. Let us handle the day to day needs of your practice so you can be more productive in upgrading your clinical practice, increasing your appointments, and caring for your patients with the attention they deserve. Our partnership is the best and most profitable solution for today’s dental specialist.

    If You Truly Want to Succeed in Today’s Dental Specialist Market, Call Us Now

    With so many good reasons why your practice can genuinely benefit as a Five Point Dental Specialists partner, there’s no reason to put off calling us. We can get you up and running now, beginning with a consultation today. Defining your business goals and needs can be the key to your dental business’ success. Together, we can unlock that potential. Let us take care of the proverbial day to day fires that stop you from being your most productive as an oral surgeon, a pediatric dentist, or an orthodontist. If you genuinely want to succeed in today’s competitive dental specialist market, you’ve been waiting for this opportunity. Call us for a consultation!

    Mike McCollum



    Fort Worth, TX