Dedication to Helping Our Partners Succeed is Our Speciality

Behind the success of Five Point Dental Specialists’ platform is the basic idea that we must benefit our partners in a meaningful manner exclusive to our community. Don’t expect the usual service from us. Expect more. Our platform is a stable foundation in an ever-changing industry. You can build your business with security knowing we will be there for you no matter what. Whether it’s helping with accounting, planning a promotion, streamlining your practice, and more, we’ll be there for you. Consider the alternative – keeping all these resources in-house and paying for them separately. Instead, Five Point Dental Specialists assembles and manages its team of experts to support you in everything you need for your business to succeed. Best of all, our platform will develop alongside your practice.

Our partners’ success is our success. Therefore, we know our platform must evolve together with your practice. It would only be possible in a tight-knit community that nurtures cooperation, openness, and sincerity.

Our Vision

We want to be known as the sustainable partnership platform uniting the top dental professionals nationwide with the shared goal of advancing their clinical practices and the industry as a whole.

Our Mission

We work together with the top dental professionals in the country and provide them with a complete set of services and personalized attention that their practice needs for sustained success now and in the future. Only with a stable foundation at our core can our partners find a platform that inspires “out of the box” thinking and a commitment to enduring quality that ultimately makes an impact for constant, valuable growth. To accomplish this mission, we are committed to reallocating our support so that we may best deliver knowledge and expertise where needed by our partners to succeed, such as administration, financial, marketing, and operations, among many others.

Our Values


Five Point Dental Specialists and our partners are in the business of looking after our patients. Therefore, our universal goal is to ensure they get the best service possible. All our actions and decisions must reflect this level of compassionate care.


To nurture an innovative, open-minded support community, we encourage all of its members to participate and collaborate only with the utmost integrity and sincerity.

   Outstanding Results

Holding ourselves accountable for delivering the outstanding results we expect is what drives us to achieve greatness. Whether it is individual goals, team goals, practice goals or Five Point Dental Specialists goals, we are going to deliver results. There is no other alternative for us.


Five Point Dental Specialists and its partners want more from their practice, and we get it by taking ownership of making our success our reality. Only by setting a new standard of performance for our business, our industry, and more importantly, ourselves can we guarantee success for everyone.

   Professional and

Personal Development

Achieving success is all in the attitude. Whether in our clinical practice or our professional aspirations, a positive attitude goes a long way. Positivity even works at its hardest at the low points in life. We will be the unsung hero of the day for our patients and ourselves.


Only by fostering a better composure in our partners’ lives from business to home can we have confidence in our own to serve better. We pay it forward!


All our efforts are continuously working towards giving our partners the competitive edge they need. Only through focus and prioritizing our partners can we together succeed in virtually any goal we envision.


Partnership means cooperation. It is integral in every facet of Five Point Dental Specialists. From our platform to our partners, cooperation is essential to our success. And successful collaboration requires mutual regard for one another and ourselves.